Current Exhibits

October 11, 2014 through November 05, 2014


Upcoming Exhibits

December 13, 2014 through January 06, 2015

Members Exhibit 2014

November 08, 2014 through December 06, 2014

Emotional Beauty

Past Exhibits


Robbie McClaran • Delta / From Here On

Ken Hochfeld • They Call It Home

Plastic Fantastic Show V

Roger Dorband - Paris Solitaire

PDX Photo Month Exhibit 2014

Jim Leisy • Matter, Light, Spin

Jody Miller -  “Otherworld: The Salton Sea”

Michael Puff : “Once upon a nude…”

The Photographic Nude 2014

Members Exhibit 2013

Ann Kendellen - “Trees: Real and Imagined”

Chris Bennett - “Along the Way”

The Last Spooky Show

Photo⊕Craft 2

Bobby Abrahamson “North Portland Polaroids”

Michael Kirchoff - “Fractured View”

Erin Malone - “The Park”

Bill Vaccaro - “The Things She Left Behind”

Plastic Fantastic Show IV

Two Friends Who Never Met

PDX Photo Month Exhibit 2013

The Photographic Nude 2013



Members Exhibit 2012

Spooky Show IV

Heavy Metal

When Pigs Fly

The Melodious Magical Wet Plate

Plastic Fantastic Show III

Gravitational Pull

PDX Photo Month Exhibit

The Photographic Nude 2012

Douglas Ethridge - “27 Mornings In Winter”

Members Exhibit 2011

Spooky Show III

Last Ones Standing- Annette Fournet

Evanescent Energy - Blue Mitchell


Jim Leisy “Amateur Physics”

Fritz Liedtke “Astra Velum”

Andrea Galluzzo “Know Myself in All My Parts”

Plastic Fantastic Show II


The Photographic Nude

Dream Allegory

Show Us Some Love Show 2011

Steve Russell - “Surf’s Up”


Don Frank - Oooh Isn’t it Pretty

Laura Valenti - “The Family Home”

Spooky Show II

Platinum Print Festival & Alternative Process Exhibit

Robert Tomlinson — “Chronicles”

Dwight Caswell - Tao Te Ching: A Meditation in Black and White

Plastic Fantastic Show

John Wimberley - Manifestations:

“Night Light”

Roger Dorband - Rogue River Images

David Lee Myers - Quiet Intensities

Melissa Hogan - Ibeji Photographs

Lightleak at Lightbox

Spooky Show I

Jake Shivery

Ray Bidegain at 50

Grand Opening Show -  Heidi Kirkpatrick - Zeb Andrews - Gary Wilson