November 11, 2017 through December 05, 2017

Jody Miller - Storms

LightBox Photographic Gallery is proud to present Storms by Jody Miller.
Storms is released as a limited edition catalog of Jody’s finest storm photographs.
The photographs are available in limited editions of 10 in three print sizes.

For the last 5 years I have been actively chasing tornadic storms and supercells, both in the midwest in “tornado alley” and in the mojave desert during monsoon season. These intense isolated weather systems are literally awe-inspiring, both in their fury and their beauty; for a photographer, the draw is irresistible, and for me, storm chasing has become an annual event.

Only 10 percent of all thunderstorms produce supercells, and less than 20 percent of all supercells produce tornadoes. That makes tornadoes a very rare occurrence, and seeing one is a matter of luck as much as forecasting skill. In my five years chasing weather, I have only seen one tornado, and it was wrapped in rain and indistinguishable from the black cloud around it. So actually witnessing tornadoes is just an added bonus to seeing these incredible weather systems up close. The way the light plays around these beautiful clouds is what draws me to them.

As far as personal safety goes, I always travel with an experienced meteorologist, a must for both success in locating the storms, and for safety. The weather can be dangerous, and having an accurate picture of its direction and strength is essential for being in the proximity of so many storms and navigating the roads around them. I am grateful to my weather forecasting gurus, Bill Reid and Peter Wharton, who have guided me on these journeys. Their forecasting prowess is the reason I have come so close to so many beautiful storms and my images would not be possible without their ability to pinpoint, with uncanny accuracy, just where and when these supercells will explode.

Many people now chase storms, but very few do it with the singular intent of making fine art. To me, these storms paint the sky with the most magnificent light and color, and make the most compelling natural subject matter imaginable.

~ Jody Miller

Jody Miller has been a photographer for most of her life. She studied with Ansel Adams, Arthur Ollman and Jerry Uelsmann and her photographs of landscape and cityscape have been shown, published and won numerous awards both here in the US and internationally. She is a happy part time resident of Astoria, Oregon. Her website is at

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