July 14, 2018 through August 08, 2018

Terry K. Thompson • Latent Harmony

Terry Thompson Artist Talk

LightBox is honored and proud to exhibit “Latent Harmony”, this retrospective collection of Terry‘s lifetime of alternative process work. As we have dreamed of for years, both gallery and artist, LightBox is filled with the work of a master photographer that stands alone in his contemplation and vision. We find great pleasure in the ability to grace our walls with the beauty and depth of this work.

I’ve used the photographic medium to define and explore the truths of existence, devoid of the anthropocentric narrative. This exhibition is a retrospective of those concerns. Never trending, never current, these obscured harmonies of life need one to be “present” to make and “present” to view. I found that the Platinum print to be the most accurate and plastic of the realist processes available in the last 200 years. Other images appear as Platinum/Gum Bichromate when some color is called for. ~ Terry K. Thompson – 2018

Terry’s background in photography includes an art education at the legendary School of Visual Arts in N.Y.C., working with artists as diverse as Diane Arbus, Andy Warhol, Vito Acconci, Gary Winogrand and Tad Yamashiro. Graduate work was with the San Francisco Art Institute, with the top West coast artists, including Linda Conner, Wynn Bullock, Pirkle Jones and Jack Fulton. He was one of the first photographic artists to revive the Platinum print process in the 1960’s and his prints are represented in the collections of the Hallie Ford Museum, Portland Art Museum, Ruth Bernhard, Emmet Gowen, Bostick & Sullivan, Henk Pander, Dianne Kornberg and Steve Josefsberg. He and his wife Kathleen Malan Thompson moved to Portland Oregon in 1992 to form with Steven Josefsberg the renowned photographic art gallery, the S.K. Josefsberg Studio. Terry’s work is currently represented by the Augen Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

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