April 11, 2020 through July 07, 2020

The Pacific NorthWest 40 - 2020

PNW 40
(Pacific Northwest 40)
April 11, 2020 – July 7, 2020

We would like to congratulate the Photographers Selected to the Pacific NorthWest 40 for 2020

Kate Ampersand • Jane Alynn • Zeb Andrews • Zemula Barr • Rich Bergeman
Jason Biehner • Heather Binns • Per Bjesse • Sam Blair • Alyson Bowen
Philip Bowser • Jarred Decker • Roger Dorband • John Dubois • Dean Forbes
Bob Gervais • Jim Hair • Ken Hochfeld • Angela Holm • Laura Kurtenbach
Scott Hoyle • Larry Huhn • David Tucker • Dave Hutt • Joe Harrigan • Bill Kirby
Donald MacDonald • Tara McDermott • Julie Moore • Angel O’Brien • Walt O’Brien
Rory O’Neal • Jeffrey Rooney • Pat Rose • Russ Scheid • Dave Schaerer
Darcie Sternenberg • Michelle Swanson • Heléna Dupre Thompson • Byron Will

This group exhibit celebrates the Photographic Talent of the Pacific Northwest. We feature work that exhibits the unique vision and creativity of the individual photographer. One image each from 40 photographers was chosen to be featured in the exhibit.

For 7 years the exhibit celebrated the Portland Photographic Community combining great work from up and coming photographers with that of established photographers from the Portland community. beginning last year, we opened the Exhibit to the entire Pacific Northwest for the PNW 40. Once again, we accept submissions without fees. We do ask for a gallery hanging fee to help contribute to the expenses of this yearly exhibit from those photographers accepted into the exhibit. This year the LightBox Photographic Guild will jury the PNW 40 Exhibit. Members of the LightBox Photographic Guild contribute their creative insight and vision to the gallery.

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