November 08, 2014 through December 06, 2014

Emotional Beauty

Juror’s Award • Brian Kosoff • Dixon Cemetery

Portland Photographers Forum Members Group Show

Thank you to the following photographers for exhibiting in Emotional Beauty

Raina Stinson • David Bardes • Jim Congleton • Mike O’Brien
Brian Kosoff • Don Jacobson • Steve Laveson • Barry Frankel
Tim Brill • Marianne MacGregor • Phillip Bowser • Patrick Kolb
Ken Hochfeld • Barbara Blair • Steve Blair • Loren Nelson
Bill Kirby • John Driscoll • Alan Mevis • Carol Isaak • Deb Geiser
Randy Romine • Jefff Brownell • John Griffiths • Jim Schomaker

Award Winners

Juror’s 1st Award • Brian Kosoff • Dixon Cemetery
Juror’s 2nd Award • Don Jacobson • Otherworldly
Juror’s 3rd Award • David Bardes • Skeleton

Honorable Mentions

Ken Hochfeld • Considering Change
Barry Frankel • Framed
Patrick Kolb • Winter Grass
Jim Congleton • Leaf & Seed

Portland Photographers’ Forum educates its members on the subject of photography as a fine art through meetings, seminars, workshops, outings, and exhibitions of photography. The members include professional photographers, working artists, teachers, and photography enthusiasts. Members work in any variety of mediums with a common thread being a desire to improve their work and to share the love of photography with the public. This Exhibit will showcase the work of 25 members of the group.

Laura Valenti Jelen juried the exhibit. Laura is a photographer, curator, educator, and arts director based in Portland, Oregon. She works as Outreach Director at Photolucida, a Portland-based nonprofit that works to build connections between photographers and the gallery and publishing worlds. Previously, she worked as Program Director and co-Curator at Newspace Center for Photography.

“Strong images are about more than just their content. It’s not what you see, but how you see it. More than simply recording the facts of a scene, artists interpret what they see through a personal lens”. ~ Laura Valenti Jelen

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