March 12, 2016 through April 05, 2016


Jurors Award • Roberta Trentin • Bios-βίος (2012)

Show Dates – March 12 – April 5, 2016

Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, March 12th from 6 -9pm

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Congratulations to the following Photographers accepted into Tribe
Matt Amott • Larry Gloth • Sunny Selby • Roberta Trentin
Laura Noel • shāna einhorn • Alan Julliard • Eleanor Gorman
Diane Peterson • Ellen Cantor • D. Clarke Evans • Claude Peschel Dutombe
Heidi Temple • Ben Altman • Lisa Ullrich • Samantha Estrella-Boyland
Jeff Phillips • Coco Martin • Roger Dorband • Katherine Jacobs

Juror: Blue Mitchell

Jurors Award

Roberta Trentin

Honorable Mentions

Ellen Cantor

Samantha Estrella-Boyland

In this world with many species of earth’s creatures, the central group that binds us together and allows us to cope with our existence, is family. Our peers, cousins, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends, pets, neighbors and so on. Whatever central group we identify with or are connected to by blood, however small or large, our Tribe nourishes and protects. Our Tribe is central to our identity. We find comfort with our most intimate, supporting and loving group.

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