May 08, 2010 through June 09, 2010

“Night Light”

Night Light is a collection of dynamic photographs shot by a select group of photographers who specialize in night photography. Vincent Van Gogh wrote: “I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.” You could say that the six photographers featured enthusiastically share that opinion. The group consist of photographers Troy Paiva, Joe Reifer, Aaron Siladi, Scott Haefner, Noel Kerns, and Astoria’s own Jody Miller. Each Photographer employs to a differing degree the technique of Light Painting, which creates dramatic and sometimes surreal compositions. Images are shot in various locales, including Neverland ranch, abandoned places, desert scenes and Astoria itself. Please visit the photographers’ websites to preview their work and the techniques involved. Troy Paiva – , JoeReifer – , Aaron Siladi –, Scott Haefner –, Noel Kerns – , Jody Miller – .

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