June 11, 2011 through July 06, 2011


LightBox is pleased to present the beautiful low fidelity images of 10lofi,
a dedicated group of Scandinavian toy camera photographers.

The dreamlike and poetic atmosphere that can be created by means of a low tech camera is the result of a particular attitude towards the world around us. You never have to think about the possibility of an image being sub-standard, light sneaking in at the wrong places or blurry images are little accidents which the LoFi photographer not only accepts but even appreciates, as part of artistic expression.

10LoFi are a group of ten Scandinavian photographers (nine Swedes and one Finn) who were first connected via a Swedish online toycamera forum. After having discussed the merits of using less-than-perfect cameras for some time the idea came about, in 2009, to put together a joint photography show. The group was formed in spring 2010 and the first group show opened in Gothenburg in October. It was then shown in Uppsala in November.
For their continued work as a group, 10LoFi have formulated a manifesto, The Grand Focus, which expresses some of their shared ideas on low fidelity photography and how it can be used to convey alternative modes of photographic expression.

Britt AximonJan Bernhardtz- Daniel BjörkertKristofer BrattMadelene Johansson
Johan KauppinenLena KällbergUlla LarssonChrister TörnkvistLi Östlund

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