October 14, 2017 through November 07, 2017

Fairy Tales & Nuclear Bombs

Kyle Dillehay • Defiant Pussy Hats • Juror’s 1st Award

“Fairy Tales & Nuclear Bombs”
(What Happened to the Summer of Love)
October 14 – November 7, 2017
Juror • Diane Fenster

Please join us for the Opening Reception
on Saturday, October 14 from 5-8pm

Congrats to the Juror’s Award Winners

Juror’s Award #1 • Kyle Dillehay • Defiant Pussy Hats
Juror’s Award #2 • James Wigger • Manifestations
Juror’s Award #3 • Libby Bulloff and Stephen Robinson • Bad Apple
Honorable Mention • J. Jason Lazarus • Atomic – American Forces
Honorable Mention • Claude Peschel Dutomb • No Human is Illegal
Honorable Mention • Jenny Walton • Shrouded

Congratulations to the Photographers selected for the exhibit

Jason Lazarus • George Johnson • Raina Stinson • James Wigger
Claude Peschel Dutombe • Cecily M. Caceu • Kyle Dillehay • Ellen Davis
Allisha Young • Nadezda Nikalova-Kratzer & Kaden Kratzer • Sam Blair
Paula Riff • Henrieta’s Eye • Yelena Zhavoronkova • Grace June
Eleanor Gorman • Angela Holm • Rebecca Akporiaye • Julie Moore
Ralph Hassenpflug • Jody Miller • Aubrey Guthrie • Valerie Burke
James Walker • Diane Yudelson • Katt Janson Merilo • Barbara Gal
Peter de Graaff • Phil Coleman • Michael Amato • Ronald Butler
Robyn Ellenbogen • Dave Levingston • John Beaver • Jenny Walton
Teresa Patrick • Stacie Smith • Diana Nicolette Jeon • Jane Wiley
Robert Curran • Denis Hagen • Jason Biehner • Mike Callaghan

2017 is a year that we have been barraged daily with unbelievable news, not fake news. Our society is disheartened and on the brink. As individuals we stand alone to face the truth that faces us and we each find a way to make it through each day. As our respected Country devolves from societies norms and standards, these artists join together to create an exhibit of eternal dread, defiant resistance, soulful reflection and everlasting hope and beauty that guides us all into the future.

Diane Fenster Bio

“The Summer of Love and the hippie revolution were primarily centered on remaining outside the taint of the major societal forces of war and greed. Dreams were cultivated spiritually and chemically. The post WWII years of repressive ideas, clothing and regimentation exploded into a wide array of color and music and dance, expressions of both individual dreams and visions of a society which nurtured creativity and personal liberty to the utmost while taking consideration of the environment in a sustainable way.
Now decades later the tie dye clothes are as tattered as the dreams. What was lost was more than these brief experiments in lifestyle but an imagination which honored ones’ visions and possibilities of a joyful existence. Though those aspirations of youth now seem distant, there is a residual flame, burning deep and still revolutionary and radical in it’s demand for joy and love.”
For this call I’d like to see your dreams or nightmares as we face the anxiety of the present.” ~ Diane Fenster

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