February 13, 2021 through March 10, 2021

The Photographic Nude 2021

The Photographic Nude 2021
February 13 – March 8, 2021

Call for Submissions
Submission deadline – Sunday, January 10, 2021

Call for Submission Page

LightBox is welcoming submissions to The Photographic Nude 2021 Exhibit. 

This juried exhibit explores the artistic and creative view of the body and its form, celebrating the nude in photography by embracing a variety of styles. We welcome the timeless elegance of a classical study and alternative and provocative styles. Studies of the whole or partial human form, nude or semi-nude are eligible.

This year Michael and Chelsea Granger of LightBox Photographic will jury the Photographic Nude. Having had great jurors over the years of this series, the selection process has returned to those that conceived of the exhibit. We are excited to be able to put our signature on the exhibit again and we look forward to the artists contributions.

“From Edward Weston to Joel-Peter Witkin, the nude as a subject has been approached by photographers throughout history. From the classic simplicity of Weston to the complex, evocative style of Witkin, capturing the human form remains a timeless yet challenging pursuit among photographers.” ~ Michael and Chelsea Granger

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