August 13, 2011 through October 02, 2011

Evanescent Energy - Blue Mitchell

Artist Reception – August 13th, 5-9pm

Blue Mitchell – Artist Statement
“I have a strong desire for the hand to express more than the simple reconstruction of fleeting time often depicted in photography. The energy that emanates in our natural surroundings pierces through my exterior senses and into my core being. This intense fervor can not be cast on film alone, but with the use of fire I’ve found a way to re-create the almost metaphysical underpinning of nature, myself and the invisible effervescence around us.”

Process Statement
Images were conceived by burning 35mm and 120mm slides (positives) with an open flame. The film is then scanned reshaped and printed in various ways: pigment print in backlit frames, acrylic lifts on birch, and c-prints on maple (Plywerk).
The acrylic lift process:
Images are pigment printed in reverse (mirrored), coated with a gel medium, flipped over and adhered to a birch panel. The paper is then methodically removed leaving a translucent image embedded in the gel allowing the wood grain to show through the image. Once the paper is fully removed a UV varnish is applied to the final image. For a step-by-step process visit

Blue Mitchell Bio
Blue Mitchell
Founding Editor, Diffusion: Unconventional Photography
Curator/Founder, Plates to Pixels Gallery

Blue Mitchell is an independent publisher, curator, and photographer. Based in Portland, Oregon, he has been involved with many faucets of the photographic arts.

Mitchell’s online curatorial project, Plates to Pixels (founded in 2007), bridges the gap between antiquated photographic processes and new digital media. Every month the gallery showcases and posts interviews with artists working in these seemingly polarized mediums. Plates to Pixels also hosts a annual guest juried exhibit, other themed invitational group exhibitions quarterly, and recently launched a new moving images section titled eMotion.

Mitchell has successfully published the first three volumes of Diffusion, an annual photography print magazine featuring artists working with “unconventional” processes. Diffusion features artist interviews with portfolios, a variety of photography related articles, a themed group showcase, book and dvd reviews, and other many other special features. Diffusion is unique because it showcases alternative-process photography and other avant-garde photography not seen in other publications.

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