March 12, 2011 through April 05, 2011

Dream Allegory

Michael and Chelsea of LightBox invited Blue Mitchell to curate a group show of alternative photographic artists,
thank you Blue for composing such a wonderful collection.

Contributing photographers are a talented group of 6 from around the Country.
Tami BonePaul KarabinisAnn GeorgePolly ChandlerAnne BerryAndrea Galluzzo
The resulting show – Dream Allegory

In “Dream Allegory” I was inspired by visual images that go from tangible physical reality to dreamlike symbolism. The artists chosen for this exhibit all have different photographic methods and voices, but they are intertwined by a thread of dreamy symbolism and style. To accentuate the parable, all the work in the show is monochromatic, simplifying visual clutter to focus on symbolic implications. This exhibit allows us to see beyond the surface and diving into our dream lore.
Whether the artist is capturing a specific place, people, animal, emotion or creating their own mythos, as a whole, we’re treated with a visual journey into night, like following the white rabbit down the hole of our collective unconsciousness. – Blue Mitchell

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