October 10, 2015 through November 10, 2015

Loren Nelson - Under Wraps

Plastic-covered buildings captivate me with their ethereal, otherworldly appearance. When I spot one, I immediately set a mental timer. Whether under construction or renovation, they are usually not wrapped for long. I get right to work, obtaining permission to photograph, ordering up dark and foreboding skies, and loading film holders.
I work with a Deardorff 4X5 view camera, which slows me down and allows images to present themselves to me. In a meditative, Zen-like state, I am able to sense the moment that light, wind, clouds and glowing plastic all come together in glorious visual harmony. At times, with the breeze billowing the plastic sheeting, the building seems to breathe along with me.
Much of my photography reflects change – changes in the countryside near my home as the focus shifts from agricultural to industrial; changes on the Oregon coast from decades of wind and wave action; and changes across seasons in my garden. This series is also a commentary on change. And though the wrapping conceals the transformation occurring within, it is during this brief time that I am convinced that the building will never look more amazing.
Whether a structure is rising anew, undergoing repairs, or getting a fresh coat of paint, we are reminded of our own ability to change our lives, remain structurally sound, and gain new life. ~ Loren Nelson

In 1972, Loren Nelson picked up a Deardorff 4X5 view camera, and began to organize the world on a four by five-inch piece of frosted glass. Nelson shoots film, and uses a traditional darkroom to produce selenium-toned silver gelatin prints, in limited editions. Using a view camera encourages a meditative approach, which is well suited to his subject matter which includes landscapes; seascapes; flowers and leaves; and “Under Wraps”, a series on plastic-wrapped buildings.

Nelson’s photographs are in numerous public and private collections, including the Portland Art Museum; The Visual Chronicles of Portland and Beaverton; the City of Portland Portable Works Collection; Oregon State University Art About Agriculture collection; and The Allison Inn, Newberg, Oregon. He is represented by Wall Space Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA and Seattle, WA; and by the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery in Portland, Oregon. He has recently served on the board of the Portland Photographers’ Forum, and has been published in LensWork, B&W Magazine, Shots, and View Camera Magazine.

Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1952, he lives in Tigard, Oregon with his wife Ann.

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