February 13, 2016 through March 08, 2016

James Wigger - Mortal Temples

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“To be human is to live amongst great paradoxes – the evolution of the spirit is met with the degeneration of the physical body, and sorrow can be as unavoidable as joy. Within each of us is a highly singular universe of beliefs, frustrations, emotions, desires, and dreams – a world of and beyond our own making. Transitory, yet boundless. We are each of us a Mortal Temple.” ~ James Wigger

James Wigger is a photographer whose work reflects his fascination with what lies just out of reach. His work is often reminiscent of a relic forgotten in time as decay, texture, and darkness shrouds the subject from the eyes of its viewers, keeping its meaning ambiguous. Through the usage of visual cues and subtle symbolism in his work, he seeks to explore the topics of spirituality, religion, desire, and hope, wishing to confront the issues he believes makes us inherently human.
Coming from a background as a graphic designer, he applies his knowledge of composition, space, and form to the often unpredictable alchemy of alternative processes, pushing the boundaries of what defines photography in the digital age. Using vintage cameras and lenses and either expired film or the 19th century process of wet plate collodion, he approaches his work with a deep respect for craftsmanship, often applying unusual approaches to his finished prints such as through the application of encaustic wax or by hand-sewing finished prints to create installations.

James work has been represented in numerous galleries throughout Europe and The United States, and has been featured in publications such as SHOTS magazine, PH magazine, and Blur magazine. He lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

You can see more of James’ work at jameswigger.com
Representation in the Netherlands by Unlimited Grain Gallery.

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