May 12, 2012 through June 05, 2012

Gravitational Pull

Opening reception Saturday, May 12, 6-9p.m.

“Gravitational Pull” showcases the work of 4 photographic artists.

David Bram, editor of Fraction Magazine
Michael Itkoff, editor of Daylight Magazine
Ben Huff, fine art photographer from Juneau, Alaska.
Kathleen Robbins, coordinator of the photography program at the University of South Carolina

Photographers create their most powerful and memorable images when they have a deep personal connection to the subject. When a photograph has a palpable energy and emotion, that intensity transfers to the viewer and leaves its mark. Each photographer has chosen to photograph a landscape that has rich personal significance. Although the work represents four very diverse geographic areas, the depth of connection between the photographer and the land is poignant across all of the imagery. In Gravitational Pull, the photographers not only observe and document the landscape, but also actively engage with it.

In “Three Mile Radius”, David Bram photographs the world he encounters within a three-mile radius of his couch in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We get glimpses into the physical nature of the terrain as well as the cultural landscape of his city. Michael Itkoff, in “Between Two Lakes”, photographs the Pennsylvania countryside tied to personal memories around the family cabin that has been part of his life, and with which he’s has a special relationship. Kathleen Robbins work centers around the southern landscape and experience. “Into the Flatland”, explores familial obligation and our conflicted relationship with “home”, photographing the family land in the Mississippi delta. Ben Huff’s photographs document “The Last Road North”, a portrait of Alaska’s Dalton Highway, exploring the people and landscape of the stark and difficult most northern road in America. Huff depicts a terrain and people largely on the edge of society.

Curated By Jennifer Schwartz of Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia

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