July 10, 2010 through August 11, 2010

Robert Tomlinson — “Chronicles”

Robert uses abstract compositions in his work that combine the photographic image with drawing, collage and the written word, creating very unique one of a kind pieces. The work shown in “Chronicles” comprises a selection of work of different themes from over the past five years. Robert writes the following about his work: “I come to photography as a painter and an artist who loves to draw. The initial photograph is not an end but a beginning to an exploratory process. I am never sure about the outcome, what the final image will look like, as the image is altered during development. After it dries, I frequently cut up and add other pieces to it. The final marks are with ink and/ or acrylic paint. I try to listen to each piece as it comes to life. Sometimes I write on them, using my own words or pieces of someone else’s poem. Of course, other art works are a source of inspiration. But so are the backs of trucks, things lying randomly on the ground, graffiti walls, the way certain trees form and the way light can play across a face. The point is to be fearless and vulnerable as an investigator into the realm of emotions. To wonder and wander has served me well. I like not knowing what comes next and have come to appreciate the vast uncertainty that accompanies the mysterious process of making art.”

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