August 13, 2016 through September 06, 2016

Deployed: Haiti, Kosovo, Iraq

DEPLOYED: Haiti, Kosovo, Iraq

David A. Tucker II

My photographic series, DEPLOYED: Haiti, Kosovo, Iraq, focuses on the people, cultures and communities of Haiti, Kosovo and Iraq through the eyes of an American soldier/photographer. The photographs were taken while I was deployed as a member of the U.S. Army to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in 1994-1995, Kosovo in 2000 and Baghdad, Iraq from May 2003 through March 2004. These deployments provided a unique opportunity to combine my military responsibilities with my photojournalism background, resulting in a series of images that span the many months spent in these three very unique places in the world. The photographs depict the beauty of these countries and the challenges they face in the midst of conflict, while also exploring the humanity, emotional strength and perseverance that the Haitian, Kosovar Albanian and Serbian and Iraqi peoples exhibited during these periods of American intervention.

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A Seattle-based photographer, writer, educator and retired combat veteran, David A. Tucker II has had his photographic series of works, DANCEWORKS and The Human Landscape, exhibited throughout the nation. He recently completed his photo series, DEPLOYED: Haiti, Kosovo, Iraq, a compilation of photographs from his military experiences in those countries. His photographic images have been published in Black and White Magazine, American Theater Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, the Seattle Times, and numerous other publications. All photos are captured on black and white film, hand-printed on fiber-based paper and then scanned for reproduction.

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