April 11, 2020 through June 06, 2020

LightBox Files 2020

Congratulations to the Photographers of the LightBox Files 2020
Jim Fitzgerald • Roger Dorband • Ann Kendellen • Ken Hochfeld
John DuBois • Mike Demkowicz • Laura Kurtenbach • Dave Schaerer

LightBox honors the complete photographer by recognizing those that pursue the art of fine printing.
We judge the submissions on the artistry of the photographs & technical mastery of the printing.
The work featured in The LightBox Files Exhibit is kept in our drawers for a year of public viewing.

This year with the current situation we regret we can not hold an opening recption for this exhibit,
we will share the work on our newsletter and social networks and will open the gallery by appointment.
We hope to celebrate with a Closing Reception on June 6th, let keep hoping!

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