November 13, 2010 through December 08, 2010

Don Frank - Oooh Isn’t it Pretty

Oooh Isn’t It Pretty

Seaside. One of the most beautiful places in Oregon. Grand in its fantastic winter sunset, reflections in the shimmering sand, and where the mighty Pacific roars ashore. Detailed in its tiny bubbles, windblown grass, and pretty colors of plastic. Tension between the beautiful and profane at this beach. There are two sides to every story. This is the Edge. This exhibition presents photographs documenting the coastal town of Seaside. The lyrical ethos of the collection connects the dots to tell a story of the beach, the Alpha and the Omega. The Little Wave series are either grand seascapes or minutiae of colors. The Didactic series points its finger with a pair of images that frame the beauty of this area and the negative influence of our presence. A way of looking beyond the obvious at what is obviously right in front of us. “Oooh Isnt It Pretty” hopes to convey a calmness in heart and a call to action. This tension is common in the artist’s work over the past decade and continues to ask questions with this latest work. This collection of images were all photographed in Seaside Oregon between the Fall of 2009 to Spring 2010. Don Frank is a professional photographer working and living on the Oregon Coast. He works with designers, architects, magazines, enterprises, and even regular people throughout the world. The projects he enjoys are poetic and compelling, which helps him create and maintain a certain style of documentation. In other words, a consistent theme of liveliness runs through his work whether it be a romantic beach wedding or a rooftop garden in the city.

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