May 12, 2018 through June 06, 2018

Jim Fitzgerald: Revealed in Carbon

We are honored to exhibit the work of one of the most passionate photographers we know.

Jim Fitzgerald Artist Talk

To be one with your subject, completely, is how I work as an artist. I hear, smell, sense and always see what moves my soul. These fleeting moments are what I share, what I hope will open the eyes and most importantly the hearts of the viewers to the beauty that is all around us.
The overwhelming joy with which I work has set me free. My methods and the final presentation of my vision, carbon transfer prints, are the gateway to my inner self. One only has to “let go” and experience the feeling of the images. I found my way long ago and the journey continues every waking moment.
As an artist my hope is to inspire others with my methods, philosophy and images in a way that will allow them to touch their own inner self and share their vision with the world.
Please enjoy the carbon transfer prints I present as they are the culmination of my vision for they live and breathe for all to see.

~ Jim Fitzgerald

Jim Fitzgerald is a Large and Ultra Large Format camera builder, photographer and educator currently living in Vancouver, Washington. A self- educated photographer Jim works exclusively in the monochrome carbon transfer process using in camera negatives from either his 8 × 10, 11 × 14, 8 × 20 or 14 × 17 hand crafted cameras.

Carbon transfer is a process perfected in 1864 and is a highly labor intensive process that yields prints of the finest quality. The photographer has total control of the image tonality due to the blending of pigments and manufacturing of tissue unique to the artist’s vision. Carbon prints require several days to produce one finished print. Jim is one of a handful of artists who works exclusively in carbon transfer and he teaches Carbon transfer printing in his home studio in Vancouver, Washington.

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