January 08, 2011 through February 08, 2011


On the remote south shore of Maui, Kipahulu is a culturally historic area on the island. Michael and Chelsea of LightBox spent many years living in Hawaii, and have a very close connection to the islands and the culture. In the upcoming year they will be leading retreats to a very special property in this culturally alive area they consider to be one of the most tranquil and beautiful places on earth. Recently having spent time in the area to arrange the upcoming retreats, they shot a beautiful collection of images that represent the unique beauty and presence of the area. The retreats are spent at a special property in the area, a dramatic coastal location with seaside cliffs and jungle flora, tropical gardens and green lawns. The week long trips will be spent walking, hiking, exploring the surrounding area, with beautiful vistas of mountains, waterfalls and seacoast. You will completely experience the peace and spiritual qualities of this special place. Join Chelsea and Michael in sharing their images and find out more about this fantastic retreat to an amazing place.

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