August 08, 2015 through September 08, 2015

Mother Earth

Juror’s 1st Award • Wine Country • Scott Hoyle

Juror’s 2nd Award • Dry Lake • Don Jacobson

Juror’s 3rd Award • Felling • Vernon DiPietro

Honorable Mentions: Suzanne Goodwin • Don Jacobson • Sue Reynolds

Congratulations to the following photographers accepted into Mother Earth

David Aimone • Sharon Asplan • David Becker • Steve Blair • Tyler Boley
Eric Brody • Ronnie Conlin • Mark Dierker • Vernon DiPietro • Dwight Caswell
Roger Dorband • Bruce Forster • Brian Franczyk • Jim Fullan • J.M. Golding
Peter Gomena • Suzanne Goodwin • Thea Hafeman • Paul Haist • Friderike Heuer
Terry Hjorten • Ken Hochfeld • Scott Hoyle • Don Jacobson • Karen Janas
Joni Kabana • Bill Kirby • Tom Kittel • Jason Lazarus • Lloyd Lemmermann
Jim Leisy • Erin Malone • Dan McCormack • Sheila McKinney • Michele McManmon
Jody Miller • David Lee Myers • Loren Nelson • Sue Reynolds • Betti Rippentrop-Pridmore
Jim Riche • Denise Ross • Wendy Roussin • Isaac Sachs • Evan Schneider
Christopher Soukup • Terry Thompson • David Vik • Sarah Waters • Howard Zoubek

Our Mother Earth, precious, beautiful, glorious, fragile, abused, stressed.

The tradition of landscape photography is one of beauty and majesty, the reality of landscape is so much more.
In man’s exploration of the universe we can find no peer, our Mother Earth is our most amazing and only home.
Our Mother Earth is unique and strong, the host of life and the secrets of nature, and she is currently in distress.
Show us wonder and show us disdain, show us beauty and show us decay. For Mother Earth, show us reality.

Juror: Stu Levy

Stu Levy lives in Portland, Oregon, and teaches photography workshops on the Oregon Coast. He studied with Ansel Adams and was an assistant instructor for Ansel’s worksops in Yosemite and Carmel, and also taught at the Ansel Adams Gallery Workshops.
His photographs are in many public and private collections including the Center for Creative Photography, the George Eastman House, the Portland Art Museum, the University of Oregon Art Museum, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and the Wilson Centre for Photography.
Stu was one of the founders of the Photography Council of the Portland Art Museum, was the Council President from 2003 to 2006 and is also on the Board of Directors of Photo Lucida.


Cranial Czar, Eh? (One Picture Book #30) Nazraeli Press 2005
Grid-Portraits (Monograph) Nazraeli Press 2010
Honk If You Love Stieglitz (Jerry Uelsmann) (One Picture Book #75) Nazraeli Press 2012
Photographs 1979 – 2013 (In Search of the What Else) LensWork Press 2014

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