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Michael and Chelsea have established one of the Northwest’s premier photographic galleries, right here in Astoria. What’s special about it? They’re knowledgeable about everything from the edgy and offbeat back to the classics, and fill their elegant gallery with one rewarding surprise after another. They have space to exhibit several substantial bodies of work at once. It’s great being able to take my Clatsop Community College classes there to see this work. In addition to the gallery, LightBox has become a valuable photo community center for darkroom activities, workshops, and just meeting and hanging out with other photographers. We’re very fortunate to have them here.

- David Lee Myers

Lightbox Photographic Gallery has been a fantastic addition to Astoria’s eclectic art retail scene. Every visit there leads to new discoveries about the art of photography and lots of background information from Michael and Chelsea Granger. Their passion and commitment shines through in every detail. Visitors to RiverSea Gallery often want to explore other downtown galleries and we regularly send them to Lightbox, knowing that they’ll enjoy the welcoming ambiance and the professional display of some of the best photography around.

- Jeannine Grafton Director, RiverSea Gallery, Astoria

What is significant to our region is the Lightbox Gallery is showcasing Astoria and its many artisans to a national and yes, international audience. This is a result of the hard work and vision of the Grangers and the benefits of such exposure generates collateral income for many other local businesses and industries. Bravo to them for such help.

- Bill Jensen

When, after so many years of wonderful service, the Compleat Photographer closed, local photographers were devastated. Let’s face it, the LightBox had some pretty big shoes to fill. Thankfully, through hands on workshops, innovative exhibits and friendly personal service, the LightBox has proven to be a perfect fit for both local photographers and the art community alike.

- Julia W. Carter Arts & Cultural Exchange

Lightbox has been like a magnet for drawing photographers and people who love looking at photography together, with an appreciation for all photographic processes, old and new. It’s impact goes even beyond the gallery itself, in that it also provides darkroom resources, workshops, forums for photographers to connect, and the strong photographic backgrounds of owners, Michael and Chelsea. As a teacher of Photography, I am delighted this place has sprung up in Astoria, and I’m constantly directing my students to check out Lightbox.

- Judy Vander Maten

LightBox gallery is the first on the northwest Oregon coast to exclusively showcase photographic imaging. They show well known, known and unknown photographers which shows to me that they are willing to give show space to all interested in photography. Well done!!

- Chuck Meyer