July 12, 2014 through August 08, 2014

MobileMagic X


Complete Image Gallery – MobileMagic Exhibit July 2014

Congrats! to the following photographers for being selected for MobileMagic X

Brittany Kelley • Cha Levias • Dani Salvadori • David Wolanski • Donna Rosser
Elizabeth McMaster • Greg Banks • Mickey Anderson • Jill Booker • John Carleton
Joshua Sarinana • Ken Ku • Kristin Randall • Ky Lewis • Leigh Oviatt • Michael Kistler
Suzanne Goodwin • Sinziana Velicescu • Peter Campos • Shana Einhorn • Tamelyn Feinstein

Congrats! to Joshua Sarinana for receiving the Juror’s Award for the image “Intimation”

Congrats! to Jill Booker for receiving the Director’s pick, for the image “Mirror Image”

Thanks to Jenifer Henriksen, (Holga Jen), for serving as Jurors for this month’s MobileMagic. Jennifer is a fine art photographer based in London, Ontario, Canada. She uses film based vintage and toy cameras, focusing mostly on the Holga camera as her main tool. Her work varies between nature, urban and portrait photography. More recently, Jennifer has also incorporated the use of her iPhone in a new series of self portraits. You can find more about her and her work at holgajen.com

“ I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve as the juror for this month’s Mobile Magic exhibit! Over the past couple of years I have developed a love for mobile photography and all of the amazing apps available that allow the photographer to craft their own unique view of the world. Although I am known for my love and use of the Holga camera, I have always believed that it is not the camera that matters, it’s the end result. In mobile photography I find a lot of the same things that I love about toy camera photography – a free, lighthearted way to capture life and to create art in a more playful atmosphere with less pressure to think about technique and perfection. It’s all about experimenting and breaking the rules! So show me your best, your weirdest, your most thought provoking photos that make me wonder – “How did they DO that?”. I look forward to seeing all of your work!”
~ Jennifer Henriksen

Mobile Phone Photographic Images are part of our everyday life. We nearly all have smart phones, allowing us to create images with the immediacy of reaching into our pocket, using the processing tools of the myriad of apps, which allow us to create with a serendipity similar to toy camera photography. In our MobileMagic Exhibits we wish to bring these uniquely creative images to the final print, off of our phones and into the beauty of a fine photographic print. MobileMagic is a monthly exhibit for display in the gallery and online, opening during our regular Second Saturday Monthly Openings. Each month we display archival pigment prints of the top 25 juried images, selected by a renown juror from the photographic community. LightBox will print every submission, that’s right, every single submission, not just the juror’s top 25. All are printed as a 100% archival rag pigment print and mailed to the photographer. Three images will be chosen as the Juror’s and the Director’s picks.

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