November 09, 2013 through December 06, 2013

MobileMagic IV


Complete Image Gallery – MobileMagic Exhibit November 2013

Congrats! to the following photographers for being selected by Dan Burkholder for the MobileMagic IV exhibit!

Kate Baldwin • Katherine Page Burdick • Nancy Landin • Kelsey Jaye
Chris Luhar-Trice • Keri Friedman • Ronaldo Aguiar • Irene Oleksiuk
John Dubois • Mary Ann Glass • Donna Rosser • Diana Nicholette Jeon
Tony Sweet • Laurie McCormick • Gary Liggett • Victoria Porter • Rad Drew

Congrats to Nancy Landin for receiving the Juror’s Award for the image “Night Ride Home 1”

Congrats to the two Director’s picks, Gary Liggett for “The Human Condition” and Ronaldo Agular for “Vanishing”

“I remember recoiling when a fellow photographer derided iPhone images that were “slammed” with filters. “Slammed?” Is that like we used to “slam” our Tri-X with paper developer to create intentional grain? Perhaps it’s similar to the way we’d “slam” our silver gelatin prints by placing diffusion material below the enlarger lens, giving the final image an ethereal look unlike anything we could achieve during the image capture? Could it be much different than “slamming” your capture with an extreme wide-angle or super telephoto lens? To many of us, “slamming” has a proud history in the medium we love. It’s just one more step in our quest for an inimitable vision.

Vision: that’s what it’s sometimes called. It’s an ability to see beyond the obvious and literal. For photographers, there is a stage of interpretation that involves optics, film and sensors, hardware and software, time, and, most recently…apps. These are not substitutes for vision but rather the whittling knives used by good photographers who craft their vision into something that can be put on a monitor, a sheet of paper or on a projection screen. And not just any “something,” but an image with soul and spirit.

In this show there is a fine display of true 21st century vision crafted by techniques as varied as careful composition, a sensitivity to color and contrast, and judicious use of apps. More than anything, these photographers know that “slamming” can be a good thing.”

~ Dan Burkholder

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Current & Past MobileMagic Exhibits

Mobile Phone Photographic Images are part of our everyday life. It seems we nearly all have smart phones allowing us to create images with the immediacy of reaching into our pocket, using the processing tools of the myriad of apps, allowing us to create with a serendipity similar to toy camera photography. In our MobileMagic Exhibits, we wish to bring these uniquely creative images to the final print, away from our phones and computers and into the beauty of a fine photographic print.

MobileMagic is a monthly exhibit for display and opening during our regular Second Saturday Monthly Openings. Each month we display archival pigment prints of the top twenty-five juried images, selected by a renown juror from the photographic community. LightBox will print every submission, that’s right, every single submission, not just the juror’s top twenty-five, all printed as a 100% archival rag print, to be mailed to the photographer. Three images will be chosen as the Juror and the Directors picks, these are printed larger, matted and framed in a beautiful 11×14 black wood gallery frame and sent to the top 3 Award winners.

Prints are available as bare prints, printed on Fine Art Paper 5.5” x 8.5” $35

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