October 12, 2013 through November 08, 2013

MobileMagic III

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Complete Image Gallery – MobileMagic Exhibit October 2013

Congrats! to the following photographers for being selected by Michelle Bates for the MobileMagic III exhibit!

Amy Madans • Eleanor Gorman • Suzanne Goodwin • DeAnna Foran
J.M. Golding • Chris Luhar-Trice • Eleanor Haley • Ronaldo Aguiar
Lawrence Hass • Jody Miller • Anthony Hutchinson • Kat Sloma
Celine Downen • Joshua Steele • Mickey Anderson

Prints are available as bare prints, printed on Fine Art Paper 5.5” x 8.5” $35

We are very pleased to have Michelle Bates, the queen of toy cameras, as our juror for our October 2013 MobileMagic exhibit.

For over 20 years, I’ve been in love with the way the Holga camera interprets the world: slightly fuzzy, with bowed rough edges, vignetting, light leaks and other artifacts. For most of this time, the images looked odd to most people, and both the technical and aesthetic angles took some explanation. What is most surprising to me about the cell phone photography revolution is the immense popularity of toy-cameraesque photos and other styles based on old-school techniques. It seems the ‘default’ style of clear, sharp rectangular photos doesn’t hold in the digital world, which opens up imagery to an infinite palette of interpretations. While the options can be overwhelming, it also creates opportunity to create personal artistic vision based on, but outside of, the built-in filters and styles that the many apps offer. ~ Michelle Bates

Michelle has been a passionate photographer since she was young, and learned her way around a camera in 1991 at the Maine Photographic Workshops, where she first discovered the Holga. Since then, Michelle has shown work in solo exhibitions in the Pacific Northwest, New York, Los Angeles and Israel, and in group shows around the US, Italy, Germany & Thailand. She has taught at many photo schools & centers, including Photographic Center Northwest, Newspace (PDX), Maine Media Workshops, the Julia Dean Workshops (LA) and International Center of Photography in New York, among others. Her book,“Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity” was published in the second edition in October 2010.

Mobile Phone Photographic Images are part of our everyday life. It seems we nearly all have smart phones allowing us to create images with the immediacy of reaching into our pocket, using the processing tools of the myriad of apps, allowing us to create with a serendipity similar to toy camera photography. In our MobileMagic Exhibits, we wish to bring these uniquely creative images to the final print, away from our phones and computers and into the beauty of a fine photographic print.

MobileMagic is a monthly exhibit for display and opening during our regular Second Saturday Monthly Openings. Each month we display archival pigment prints of the top twenty-five juried images, selected by a renown juror from the photographic community. LightBox will print every submission, that’s right, every single submission, not just the juror’s top twenty-five, all printed as a 100% archival rag print, to be mailed to the photographer.

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