September 14, 2013 through October 12, 2013

MobileMagic II

Complete Image Gallery – MobileMagic Exhibit September 2013

Congrats! to the following photographers for being selected by David Carol for the MobileMagic II exhibit!

Babette Herschberger • Helene Barrette • Clay Benskin • Suzana Dordea • Laura Glabman • Mickey Anderson
Claude Peschel Dutombe • Amy Madans • April Renae • Melle Passicos • Reuben Radding • Chris Bird • Pamela Viola
Julia Ferrier • Tom Kittel • Ashly Stohl • Gina Costa • Eleanor Gorman • Bill Purcell • Janice Parsley

Prints are available as bare prints, printed on Fine Art Paper 5.5” x 8.5” $35

We are very pleased to have David Carol as our juror for the September 2013 MobileMagic exhibit.

“Photography is going through many technological changes these days. People are taking photos with everything from Cell Phones to iPads, Holgas to 8×10 view cameras and Leicas to Hasselblads. Some people think the only way to go, is shooting film, while others will praise digital photography as the state of the art. The way I see it is very simple. I could care less what format you use as long as the photo is interesting and compelling. Good is good. A good photographer should be able to take a picture with anything they are given. Now, of course I know that people have preferences and in many cases the camera they use will allow them to shoot more intuitively and that’s great, but the convenience of carrying a cell phone gives many people more opportunities to take pictures. You definitely get way more photos with a cell phone in your hand then a camera at home in a draw. I don’t care how you get your photos, just make them good. OK, folks…Show me the photos!.”
~ David Carol

Mobile Phone Photographic Images are part of our everyday life. It seems we all have smart phones allowing us to create images with the immediacy of reaching into our pocket, using the processing tools of the myriad of apps, allowing us to create with a serendipity similar to toy camera photography. In our MobileMagic Exhibits, we wish to bring these uniquely creative images to the final print, away from our phones and computers and into the beauty of a fine photographic print.

MobileMagic is a monthly exhibit for display and opening during our regular Second Saturday Monthly Openings. Each month we display archival pigment prints of the top twenty-five juried images, selected by a renown juror from the photographic community. LightBox will print every submission, that’s right, every single submission, not just the juror’s top twenty-five, all printed as a 100% archival rag print to be mailed to the photographer.

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