Roger Dorband

A fellow artist once quipped that a photographer is a kind of a glorified tourist. In assuming that mantle, when I am working I don’t worry about whether I am making artĚ. I walk and I photograph, making the best images I can in a given setting. I believe that if some love comes through in the pursuit it will bring grace to the effort and relevance to the work. It is also my firm belief that in the panoply of the visual arts, photography can promulgate and foster humanity’s highest cultural and aesthetic values, and is best able to define who we are.

The photographs featured here are a sampler of 4 different bodies of work. A fuller depiction of these series can be viewed on my website ravenstudiosart along with my black and white photography.The Travel and Americana Series are extensive and diverse. The Ouzel image is from a collection of over 100 landscape images whose subject matter is the Rogue River. These images are collected in a coffee table book entitled The Rogue, Portrait of a River. The summit of Steens Mountain is also from a published book entitled Out Here, Poems and Images from Steens Mountain Country which features landscape images of Oregon’s high desert.

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