Jim Fitzgerald

Imagine what it was like 155 years ago when the pioneers of photography, names like Ponton, Becquerel, Poitevin, Fargier and Swan were perfecting processes that would still be practiced today. A few dedicated carbon transfer printers today follow Swan’s original patent from 1864. Jim is one of those artist’s. Creating handmade carbon transfer prints is not for the faint at heart. Years of dedication to the process are required for the artist to understand the complexities and infinite possibilities this process affords the printer. Jim has found that the carbon prints from his large and ultra large format camera negatives are revealed to their fullest extent in the carbon transfer prints he creates. The carbon printer has at their disposal an unlimited palette with which to work from to create the most archival prints one can produce. Jim’s carbon transfer prints are held in private collections around the world and he recently self published the first of its kind hand made carbon transfer collector edition Survivors I which contains original prints and carbon transfer text created completely by the artist.

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