August 11, 2018 through September 05, 2018

The Sacred

The Sacred
Juror • Robert Adams
August 11 – September 5, 2018

cover photograph – Clouds – Dennis Witmer

Congratulations to those accepted into The Sacred

Yuri Ozaki • Lucas DeShazer • Christoph Kapeller • Nancy Abens
Kidus T. Tesfaye • Michael Kirchoff • Charlotte Watts • Ronald Butler
Nikolaj Callesen • Tomomi Tamura • Kerry Davis • Pam Golden
Friderike Heuer • Stuart Allen Levy • Don Norris • John Eaton
Jan Becket • Ken Hochfeld • Jim Fitzgerald • Kent Krugh
Jeno Lehel • Ed Greenly • M.C. Reardon • Tom Caples
Jason Guffey • Phil Coleman • Heather Binns • Rich Rollins
Barbara Rothman • Steve Delph • J.P. Terlizzi • Joseph Deiss
Herman Krieger • Dennis Witmer •Diana Welch • Susan Huber
Jordan VanSise • Kier Selinsky • David Rowe • Jody Miller
Calvin Chen • Walt O’Brien • Eric Lundgard • Pete Karnig
Michael Elenko • George Johnson • Deborah Jaques • Isaac Sachs
Stewart Harvey • Mason Hiatt • Bob Gervais • Paul Cunningham


The photographer Dorothea Lange said that she wanted to make pictures that are “second lookers” – pictures that reward repeated viewings. It has been my privilege to assemble an exhibition made up of such photographs. The pictures record what is “entitled to reverence,” as the dictionary defines the word “sacred” – times and places and people that point beyond themselves. We stand today in particular need of such testaments. I was asked to select a few of the photographs for “honorable mention,” but this seems unnecessary. As is apparent, the photographers brought honor to themselves by first selflessly honoring their subjects.

~ Robert Adams

Robert Adams was born in New Jersey in 1937, and moved to Colorado as a teenager. Adams was a professor of English literature for several years before turning his full attention to photography in the mid 1970s. His work is largely concerned with moments of regional transition: the suburbanization of Denver, a changing Los Angeles of the 1970s and 1980s, and the clear-cutting in Oregon in the 1990s. His many books, well-known to those concerned with the American Landscape, include The New West, From the Missouri West, Summer Nights, Los Angeles Spring, To Make It Home, Listening to the River, West From the Columbia, What We Bought, Notes for Friends, California, Summer Nights, Walking, Gone?, What Can We Believe Where? and The Place We Live.  Adams has also written a number of critical essays, including Beauty in Photography, Why People Photograph and most recently, Art Can Help. Among many awards, Adams has received the Guggenheim and MacArthur Foundation fellowships and in 2006, the Deutsche Börse Prize. In 2009, he was awarded the Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography, and in 2014 was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

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