February 10, 2018 through March 08, 2018

The Photographic Nude 2018

Dedicated in Memory of Ruth Bernhard and her Creative Spirit

Juror: Christa Blackwood

Show Dates: February 10 – March 7, 2018

Opening Reception, Saturday, February 10th, 2018, 6-9pm


Show Catalog

The Photographic Nude 2018 has been featured in Blur Magazine

The Photographic Nude is a juried exhibit exploring the artistic and creative view of the body and its form, celebrating the nude in photography by embracing a variety of styles. We welcome the timeless elegance of a classical study as well as alternative and provocative styles. Studies of the whole or partial human form, nude or semi-nude are eligible.

Congratulations to the Photographers exhibiting in The Photographic Nude 2018

Andi Schreiber • Carol Dass • Da’Rrell Privott • David Dennard • Espen Aaroe
Diana Nicholette Jeon • Donald A. MacDonald • Felix Martin • Francis Crisafio
Ekaterina Kiryanova • George Johnson • Heather Oelklaus • Jim Washington
J.P. Terlizzi • Laura Kurtenbach • Lauryn Hare • James Lucas • Malcolm Lobban
Marcie Rich • Matthew Finley • Matt Storm • Michael Quinn • Michael Puff
Nickolas Hurlbut • Nina Weinberg Doran • Patrick Whitaker • Paul Cunningham
Paul B. Goode • Saelon Renkes • Robert Dutruch • Ruth Dudley Carr
Terry Johnson • Thomas Zamolo • Trey Squire • Steve Lease • Vienne Rea
László Gálos & Zoltán Vadászi

Juror Awards
1 – Heather Oelklaus – My Friends Naked III
2 – Felix Martin – Mask
3 – Andi Schreiber – Curl

Honorable Mentions
Epsen Aaroe • Self-Portrait/Roots
George Johnson • Untitled II
Carol Dass • Cupcake
Heather Oelklaus • It’s a Boy
Lauryn Hare • Complementary

LightBox is honored to have fine art photographer Christa Blackwood serving as juror for our 8th Annual Photographic Nude Exhibit.

“I’d like to thank to everyone for their submissions to LightBox Photographic’s, Photographic Nude 2018 Exhibition, and also thank Michael and Chelsea Granger of LightBox for the opportunity to put my imprint on this years show. 540 images were submitted from across the globe. My job as juror was to select 50 images for exhibition, which was not an easy task given the volume of visually striking and compelling entries.
The images were sent to me without attribution, so I viewed all the entries without knowing the creator. My criteria for selection was threefold – techinique, idea(s) and thirdly, a unique vision or sensibility: evidence that the artist was in control. I went through the submissions three separate times, narrowing the entries down to 100 and then down to 50. There were many amazing images submitted making my job narrowing it down to 50 and then making awards selections difficult. I’m thrilled with the creativity and diversity of the exhibition and thank everyone for participating.
Your work is truly inspiring.”
Christa Blackwood

Christa Blackwood is an acclaimed photo-based artist whose photographs of male nudes reference identity, photographic/art history and popular culture.  Her works employ multiple techniques and methods — fusing traditional, historical and alternative methods with contemporary ideas and practices.  She has been featured in The New York Times, Art Desk Magazine, The Village Voice and The Chicago Sun Times and her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the U.S. and abroad.  
Christa Blackwood is thrilled to jury LightBox’s Annual Nude Exhibition and is interested in seeing nudes presented in unique and meaningful ways, i.e., nudes that meld photographic technique with ideas and surprise.

Learn more about Christa at christablackwood.com

The Photographic Nude 2018 Exhibit will be published in Blur Magazine in the Spring of 2018.

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