October 09, 2010 through November 10, 2010

Spooky Show II

Spooky Show II is a group show with the focus on photographs that are haunting and mysterious in nature, evoking a sense of unease while maintaining an element of beauty. This group show features entries from over 45 Photographers, many locally based, as well as entries from around the country along with international entries from Australia, England, Germany and Spain. The works presented cover a broad range of photographic processes, including many traditional silver gelatin prints and a number of wet plate collodian images. Enjoy browsing the online gallery linked on this page.

Thanks to all the photographers listed below that are participating in the show.

Lisa Ackerman
Sarah Adams
David Bardes
Ray Bidegain
Jamie Boyd
Cecily Caceu
Angela Casagrande
Dwight Caswell
Michael Datoli
Tiffany Estes
Don Frank
Angela Fournet
Lucia Fischer
Chelsea Vincent Granger
Molly Elizabeth Heyn
Lawrence Gloth
Deborah Jaques
Jeremy Johnson
Diane Kaye
Tom Kittel
Kent Krugh
Lodiza Lepore
Suzie Livingstone
Jessie Luke
Erin Malone
Skye McKey
Jose Manuel Madrona
Blue Mitchell
Kati Mennett
Joseph Moore
Keith Neufeld
David Niergarth
Holly Northrup
Angela Petsis
Andrew Philips
Gail Surya Rains
Quinn Jacobson
Bree Riseborough
Catie Soldan
Dirk Sweringen
John Telford
Mark Toal
Kathy Van Torne
Michael Vanderzanden
Bill Volkening
Kevin Wells
Dyana Walker

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