June 08, 2019 through July 10, 2019

Plastic Fantastic Show X

“Two Suns” ©Sara Musashi

Please join us for the opening reception and our 10th anniversary celebration on Saturday, June 8th from 5 – 8pm

The Plastic Fantastic Show X exhibits Toy Camera Photographic Images shot with film using plastic, pinhole, box or homemade cameras. We host this show every year to celebrate the gallery’s anniversary!

Congratulations to the photographers accepted into
The Plastic Fantastic Show X

C B Adams • Lilyan Aloma • Helene Barrette • Stephanie Bethel
Kerry Bishe • Amelia Bjesse-Puffin • Maureen Bond • Larissa Burak
Ronald Butler • Claudia Cebrian • Elisabeth Dare • Ellen Davis
Christine Eagon • Eddie Erdmann • Joanna Epstein • Liv Ferguson
Brian Franczyk • Alexa Frangos • Bob Gervais • J. M. Golding
Julie Hamel • Karen Hillier • Kerry Jeffrey • George Johnson
Barbara Justice • Elissa Killian • Jocelyn Mathewes • Bill Moy
Sara Musashi • April Rocha • Denise Ross • Paul Sharratt
Steven Taddei • Ian Thompson • Jacqueline Walters • Bonni Walquist
Kristin Ware • Michael Weitzman • Patrick Whitaker • Mike Yoder • Yelena Zhavoronkova

Juror Awards

Sara Musashi of West Hollywood, Calif., received the juror’s top award for her image “Two Suns.”
Bob Gervais of Portland, Ore., received the juror’s second place award for “Janitzio, Mexico”
Claudia Cebrian of Miami, Fla., received the juror’s third place award for “Mermaid.”

Honorable Mentions

Kerry Bishe • Yelena Zhavoronkova • Michael Weitzman
J M Golding • Barbara Justice • Lilyan Aloma • Joanna Epstein

Thank you to our Juror, Becky Ramotowski, aka. Astro Beck

“Thank You to everyone who submitted their work. The time and effort it takes to make and then enter photos and go through the waiting process is not trivial. It was a pleasure to see and jury the entries. To those selected, congratulations and to those who were not, please keep entering.  Keep making photos because you love photography.
As the expression goes, it’s not the camera, it’s the person behind the camera. No truer words could be said when toy cameras are involved. Toy camera users are a special bunch and it is easy to see that when viewing this show. I selected photos based on their creativity, use of light and shadow, storytelling, and compelling technique with limited feature cameras. Some make you think and some are just whimsical and make you feel good. A few are full of intrigue and make you wonder how they did it. The power of making the eye linger and investigating what’s under the surface and duality of meanings is strong among those selected.”

Juror ~ Becky Ramotowski

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