June 10, 2017 through July 05, 2017

Plastic Fantastic Show VIII

Plastic Fantastic Show VIII Juror’s Award,
“The Storm Before the Calm” – Sean Lande

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The Plastic Fantastic Show VIII exhibits Toy Camera Photographic Images shot with film using plastic, pinhole, box or homemade cameras. We host this show every year to celebrate the gallery’s anniversary!

Congratulations to the photographers accepted into
The Plastic Fantastic Show VIII at LightBox

Lisa Lindamood • James Malsich • Vicki Reed • Diane Peterson
Bob Gervais • Jim Rohan • Michael Weitzman • Blayne Macauley
Betti Rippentrop-Pridmore • Ryan Synovec • Bill Kirby • Ky Lewis
Sean Lande • Leighton McWilliams • Brian Franczyk • Ellen Davis
Barbara Murray • Maria Ovsyankina • Rachel Marie • Patrick Whitaker
Jacqueline Walters • Kathleen Dailey • Chris Cranford • Jim Munro
Tim Slaven • April Rocha • Paul Sharratt • Kent Krugh • Lilyan Aloma
Adrienne Defendi • Richard Bonvissuto • Chuck Baker • Reiko Yagi
Michael Gonzales • Ted Klyce • Steve Jones • Jocelyn Mathewes

Juror’s Awards:

First Place: Sean Lande “The Storm Before The Calm”.
Sean Lande’s image “The Storm Before The Calm” is a moody, poetic treat that guides our imaginations into an striking noir that has endless interpretations, thus making this an image that continues to grow, shift and change with every viewer.
Second Place: Jim Rohan “False Awakening” 
Jim Rohan has been a frequent contributor and award winner to Plastic Fantastic in years past and his image “False” is right up there with the best of his offerings. This cinematic scene of a woman looking out onto a long, distant road evokes a multitude of emotions along and a captivating narrative.    
Third Place: Lilyan Aloma “In Between”
A whirlwind of kinetic energy sweeps through this lyrical image via the use of a alluring technical approach that provides an engaging metaphorical delight.
Honorable Mention:  Bob Gervais “Bruce Cow Spaceship Mexico”.
Another frequent contributor and former winner, Bob Gervais, offers yet another look into his quirky, unique vision of the world. This time it’s a man and his cow strolling across the field with an odd, interstellar shaped water tower in the background that makes this image even more out of this world.

LightBox is very honored to have Susan Burnstine as juror once again for the Plastic Fantastic Show. Susan is an award winning professional fine art photographer based in Los Angeles who builds homemade cameras and lenses primarily made out of plastic, vintage camera parts and random household objects. Susan is represented in galleries across the world, her images are mesmerizing and dreamlike, using film with the purity of the process as a vital element, without relying on digital processing.

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