June 13, 2015 through July 07, 2015

Plastic Fantastic Show VI

Please join us for the Opening and Artists Reception, Saturday, June 13th, 6 – 9pm

Congratulations to the Award Winners for The Plastic Fantastic Show VI.

FIRST PLACE • Nathan Cordova • Banal
SECOND PLACE • Jim Rohan • Around the Bend
THIRD PLACE • Ying Jung Lucky Lu • Here And Not Here
HONORABLE MENTION • Richard Bonvissuto • Mark in Pool
HONORABLE MENTION • Amy Fichter • Helmitheros vermivorum

Complete Image Gallery

Show Awards Document

and congratulations to all the photographers accepted into The Plastic Fantastic Show VI.

Sharon Asplan • Jennifer Bacon • Chuck Baker • Paul Barden • Connie Begg • Miguel Bejarano
Maureen Bond • Richard Bonvissuto • Nathan Cordova • David Cory • Daniel Grant • Dana Day
Kathleen Donohoe • Shawn Ehlers • Amy Fichter • Ryan Zoglin • DeAnna Foran • Lindsey Frost
Bob Gervais • Silke Hase • Laura Husar-Garcia • Karen Janas • Katy Tuttle • Elissa Killian
Alexey Krupin • Lisa Lindamood • Nathan Lucas • James Malsich • Jeff Mitchell • Diane Peterson
Betti Rippentrop-Pridmore • Jim Rohan • Gregory Russo • Skip Smith • Arlene Stanger
Alyssa Strackbien • Jacqueline Walters • Michael Weitzman • Ying Jung Lucky Lu • Michael Zeis

This annual group exhibit originated from LightBox’s love for images made with plastic “toy” film cameras
and as a celebration of the gallery’s anniversary every year.

LightBox is very honored to have Susan Burnstine as juror once again for the Plastic Fantastic Show. Susan is an award winning professional fine art photographer based in Los Angeles who builds homemade cameras and lenses primarily made out of plastic, vintage camera parts and random household objects. Susan is represented in galleries across the world, her images are mesmerizing and dreamlike, using film with the purity of the process as a vital element, without relying on digital processing.


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