June 09, 2018 through July 10, 2018

Plastic Fantastic Show IX

Plastic Fantastic Show IX Juror’s Award,
“Monumental Cactus” – Ryan Synovec

The Plastic Fantastic Show IX exhibits Toy Camera Photographic Images shot with film using plastic, pinhole, box or homemade cameras. We host this show every year to celebrate the gallery’s anniversary!

Congratulations to the photographers accepted into
The Plastic Fantastic Show IX

Jim Rohan • James Malsich • Alyson Bowen • Diane Peterson
Lilyan Aloma • Bob Gervais • Ryan Synovec • Vera Dohrenbusch
Celine Downen • Michael Weitzman • Ky Lewis • Christine Eagon
Ronald Butler • Brian Franczyk • Ellen Davis • Jennifer Walton
Barbara Murray • Kerry Jeffrey • Priscilla Kanady • Ian Thompson
Bill Kirby • Stephen McNally • Kathrena Rivera • Myles Katherine
Jocelyn Mathewes • Marko Umicevic • April Rocha • Katy Tuttle
Kenneth Stevens • Jacqueline Walters • Richard Bonvissuto

Congratulations to the Award winners
of the The Plastic Fantastic Show IX

First Place: Ryan Synovec – Monumental Cactus. Ryan Synovec’s double exposure of a cactus in Monument Valley transports viewers to a magical and haunting place where time stands still. The narrative is direct yet complex and keeps us coming back for more.

Second Place: Aloma Lilyan – Herald Square. Aloma Lilyan has done it again. She’s been selected as an award winner in Plastic Fantastic exhibits prior, but this time she delivers a beautiful and evocative city scene that resonates between the layers of time.

Third Place: Priscilla Kanady – Meghan In The Shadows. Priscilla Kanady’s Meghan In The Shadows invites you to look again and again. At first glance, viewers may miss the ghostly glow of Meghan’s outline, but as one looks closer the grasp of her hand appears mysteriously and
quiet melancholy settles in.

Honorable Mention: Jim Rohan – Brooklyn Bridge. Many might assume they’ve seen every possible view photographed of the Brooklyn Bridge, but Jim Rohan proves everyone wrong with this humorous vantage point. A former exhibitor of several Plastic Fantastic exhibitions in years past, Rohan returns with a fresh and witty perspective that offers a much welcome smile to all.

Once again, it’s been a great honor and pleasure to act as juror for the annual Plastic Fantastic Show. It was thrilling to see the work of so many old friends mixed in with a number of refreshing new artists.I’d like to acknowledge every photographer who submitted this year. You made my selection process very difficult as the quality and artistry exceeded my expectations. Special congratulations to the selected 2018 winners of Plastic Fantastic, Ryan Synovec, Lilyan Aloma, Priscilla Kanady and Jim Rohan.
~ Susan Burnstine

LightBox is very honored to have Susan Burnstine as juror once again for the Plastic Fantastic Show. Susan is an award winning professional fine art photographer based in Los Angeles who builds homemade cameras and lenses primarily made out of plastic, vintage camera parts and random household objects. Susan is represented in galleries across the world, her images are mesmerizing and dreamlike, using film with the purity of the process as a vital element, without relying on digital processing.

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