July 11, 2020 through August 04, 2020

The Fantastic Film Show

“Trinity” ©Alice Christine Walker – Juror’s Award

July 11th – August 4th , 2020
LightBox Photographic Gallery is pleased to host the inaugural Fantastic Film Show.

Please join us for the opening day on Saturday, July 11th from 1 – 4pm
Masks Required, Social Distancing and Limited Occupancy

The Fantastic Film Show celebrates the love LightBox has for photographic images made with film from any and all types of cameras from large format and fine cameras to any and all plastic, pinhole, box or homemade cameras. Any analog image that is shot with film is considered, even plates and handmade emulsions are included. Digitally shot images are not considered.

Congratulations to the photographers accepted into
The Fantastic Film Show

Natalee Alynn • Shane Balkowitsch • Michael Berry • Janet Berlin
Per Bjesse • Ronald Butler • Angie Brockey • Paul Cunningham
Logan Clark • Elisabeth Dare • Nika DeCarlo • Ron Dobrowski
John DuBois • Judith Eastburn • Brita Enflo • Brian Franczyk
J.M. Golding • Mindaugas Gabrenas • Jim Hamstra • Ken Hochfeld
Angela Holm • George Johnson •Bill Kirby • Christina Katsolis
Marky Kauffmann • Xiaopeng Liu • Jocelyn Mathewes • Lloyd Matthews
Melina Coumas • Bill Moy • Jody Miller • Jason Miller • Walt O’Brien
Kathy Radie • Dale Rio • Kathrena Rivera • April Rocha • Denise Ross
Gary Samson • Samual Slater • Gerardo Stübing • Steven Taddei • Lisa Toboz
Alice Christine Walker • Tina Weitz • Shelley Wood • Yelena Zhavoronkova

Juror Awards

Alice Christine Walker received the juror’s top award for her image “Trinity”
Nika DeCarlo received the juror’s second place award for “I Can’t See You”
Bill Kirby received the juror’s third place award for “Manzanita Morning”

Honorable Mentions

Yelena Zhavoronkova • Marky Kauffmann
Angie Brockey • Elisabeth Dare • Ron Dobrowski

We are pleased to have Michael Kirchoff of Analog Forever Magazine serving as our Juror.

Photographs born from film, in all of its forms, have an organic quality to them that infuses so many traits found in no other art form. What appears in each one is a soul and a heart that speaks to us with a tone that comforts and calms. Digital is fine, but there’s something so magical about an image that is coaxed out of an emulsion-based process. We are long past the days when the words “film is dead’ were first spoken. That idea never even came close. It laid low for a time, for many, but for those of us that have always felt the tug of inspiration knew that a return would be inevitable. There has been a return to the ways of image making that lets the artists eye and hand become an integral part of each and every photograph made this way. It is most certainly here to stay.

For this first iteration of the Fantastic Film Show it became apparent from the submissions that a well-rounded exhibition was needed. One that showed the many approaches and multitude of genres taken. With that came the realization that what was being formed here was a love letter to the “old ways” – one very much needed, especially during these tumultuous days we are going through. What is presented here is an escape into a world that may at times hint at current events, but one that takes us away and provides us with a sanctuary of sorts. I found myself being taken in by the images that gave me a sense of harmony, and one that induced quiet reflection. In order to move through our days a time-out needs to occur on occasion. Take this exhibition as yours for today. When you experience that long, deep exhale at the end, use your new found sense of peace to go out and create more. Repeat as necessary, doctors orders.
~ Michael Kirchoff

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