August 10, 2019 through September 11, 2019

Extending Tradition 2

446 – Christoph Kapeller – Juror’s Award

Extending Tradition 2 – August 10 – September 10, 2019

Please join us on Saturday, August 10th from 5-8pm for the artists’ opening reception.

Thirty-six photographers show work in this exhibit celebrating the traditional approach and beauty of large format film photography.
In Extending Tradition 2 we celebrate the work of photographers shooting with large format film or plates, generally 4 × 5 inches and larger, giving recognition to those whose interest and talent follow the masterful path of traditional large format film photography. This is the second time LightBox features the work of photographers using the traditional tools and methods from the early days of photography. These photographers find reward in the practice and their work method is disciplined and results in distinctively unique photographs. The Exhibit includes many styles of imagery and prints in many processes from Pigment Ink to all analog processes, such as Silver Gelatin and other varied Alternative Processes.

Congratulations to the Photographers of Extending Tradition 2

Ritch Winokur • Rory Earnshaw • Patrick Whitaker • Walt O’Brien
Ronald Butler • Jason Biehner • Ray Bidegain • Tom Caples
Joseph Deiss • Ryan Gillespie • Rich Bergeman • Jim Fitzgerald
Susan Huber • Domenico Foschi • Mat Hughes • Jan Becket
Christoph Kapeller • Gene Tonry • Denise Ross • Donald MacDonald
Holden Richards • Gary Samson • Greg Roth • David King Rowe IV
Terry Thompson • Brian C. Winters • Tyler Boley • Shannon Stoney
Ray Van Ness • Rosemary Jesionowski • Jim Kipfer • Brian Spies
Kelly James • Karey Walter • Dan McCormack • Steven Ballinger

LightBox was honored to have Stu Levy as juror for the exhibit. Stu Levy was one of the founders of the Photography Council of the Portland Art Museum and was the Council President from 2003 to 2006. He is also on the Board of Directors of Photolucida and the Pacific Northwest Photographers Archive. Stu studied with Ansel Adams and was an assistant instructor for Ansel’s worksops in Yosemite and Carmel, and also taught at the Ansel Adams Gallery Workshops. Stu lives in Portland, Oregon, and teaches photography workshops on the Oregon Coast.

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