September 12, 2020 through October 07, 2020

Altered Reality

Altered Reality
September 12 – October 7, 2020
An Exhibit of Historical Process Photographic Prints

An International Exhibit of Historical Process Photography

Jurors: Diana H. Bloomfield, Karen Hymer, Jim Fitzgerald

Thank You and Congratulations to the photographers
selected for the Altered Reality Exhibit

Angel O’Brien • Jason Biehner • Bob Gervais • Tom Caples
Dan Hermouet • Denise Ross • Donald MacDonald • Greg Roth
Eva Skold Westerlind • Gerardo Stubing • Jim Hamstra • Jane Alynn
Jake Groenhof • Jeanne Wells • J. M. Golding • Jeannie Hutchens
Jo Kubran • Andy Kraushaar • Larry Bullis • Larry Huhn • Laura Valentino
Marek Matusz • Mark Timpany • Jocelyn Mathewes • Michael Puff
Polly Purvis • Ray Bidegain • Ronald Butler • Sandi O’Brien
Jane Wiley • Tom Wise • Walt O’Brien • Caroline Waterman

Thank you Diana H. Bloomfield, Karen Hymer and Jim Fitzgerald for Jurying this years Historical Process Photographic Exhibit.
Each of them are inspired by individual creativity as they all are practicing artists in their own right.

In Altered Reality we wish to celebrate work created with Historical photographic processes. We present the finest works that represent visionary contemporary use of Historical processes, considering technique, originality and creativity, from photographers using Alternative Historical Processes. Original works are required for the exhibit. No digital reproductions of original work will be exhibited.

cover image: Angel O’Brien • fluctuations on tomorrowland

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