Kat Moser

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For over thirty years international artist Kat Moser has been capturing the potency of
the female form and the otherworldly aspects of earth and water through her elegant,
ethereal and often enigmatic photographs.

She accomplishes this by translating age-old cultural narratives contained in different
mythologies, legends and fairy tales into a visual context, one that maintains their mystery
and mysticism while making them accessible to the contemporary viewer.

Kat has exhibited widely since the early 1980’s, and her work is included in numerous
private collections. She studied with photographers Joyce Tenneson, Elizabeth Opalenik,
Connie Imboden and Doug Beasley and counts among her infuences Clarence John Laughlin,
Deborah Turbeville, Sarah Moon and Helmut Newton.

Kat’s work is printed in limited, signed editions on archival paper and canvas. Whether
portraiture or landscapes, Kat Moser’s photography speaks powerfully to female potency
Kat Moser maintains a one-woman studio in Omaha, NE.

Artist Statement

Ethereal, spiritual, mystical – these are just some of the adjectives I use to describe my work.
That’s because I am deeply moved by the powerful, yet often unseen, worlds that surround
and link us to life’s profound mysteries. I want to make them visible, and that’s why I create
photographs focusing on feminine forms, mysterious landscapes and quiet waters.

All three represent the primal connections we have with Mother Earth and her female
representatives. Whether hazy and dreamy or stark and clear, each image serves as a
tangible reminder and potential window into these places that exist just beyond the shadows.

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