M.C. Reardon

I am a photographer, a painter, and a poet. A native of Portland OR. My creative works are an expression of my love and respect for Nature... how important it is to feel connected with the elements, to understand my holistic place in the environment, and to satisfy my need for soulful connection to the natural world. I create because I deeply feel that the world needs more beauty, more compassion, more harmony and above all else, a long term commitment to respectful environmental stewardship. My work reflects upon the beauty of wild nature simply enduring; going about its daily business, living in the present moment, at peace… and yet…still influenced by our presence. My images have been exhibited and collected worldwide, and are installed in several corporate collections. I have participated in exhibits at Elmhurst Art Museum in Chicago, as well as in art centers throughout the nation. I completed a solo exhibition 'possible moments of consciousness' at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in downtown Portland in 2017. At the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture in Joseph, Oregon, I won a Second Place award for my ‘Thunder Mountains’ photograph in the Center’s 2015 ‘The Wild Landscape’ exhibit. Many of my images have been featured in publications such as calyx: a journal of art and literature by women, Pasadena Home, and Don’t Take Pictures Magazine.

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