K. & G. Jordahl

Geir and Kate Jordahl bring their love of books and passion for images to the creation of a variety of visual projects. They founded True North Editions in 2012 as a collaborative effort to give voice to unique work by artists working authentically. They have worked together as a team since 1980 as editors, curators and imagemakers. Their work is represented by Themes + Projects/ Modernbook Gallery, San Francisco. The Jordahl’s book projects include Cultures in Transition, San Joaquin: River of Spirit with the Ansel Adams Gallery, Searching for True North with Modernbook Editions, Native American Ceremonial Dancers, The Village: Bill Owens – Jamaica, Pride: Heart of a Movement and Bill Owens: CARS. Collaborations with Dreaming Mind including Traveler, Jizo, the Conversation Series and the one poem books. Book awards include multiple award for Cultures in Transition as well as a Gold Medal and Best of Show in the PubWest Book Design Awards, a Silver Medal in Prix de Paris and a Silver Medal in the Independent Publishers Book Awards for Searching for True North and a Silver Award-Photography and a Bronze Award-Art in the PubWest Book Design Awards for Native American Ceremonial Dancers. Geir and Kate Jordahl both have Masters of Fine Arts Degrees in Photography from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. They have lived in Hayward since 1983 when they founded PhotoCentral Program. Geir is Director at PhotoCentral. Kate is a Professor of Photography at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, California.

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